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Green propellants for the next generation of space mobility: a change of paradigm

Thu 15 Feb | 11:10 - 11:25

Arkadia Space wants to change the paradigm of space propulsion, developing a new generation of engines for satellites and space vehicles that, instead of using very toxic and carcinogenic propellants like hydrazine, use green propellants. Arkadia Space has chosen hydrogen peroxide of high concentration (agua oxigenada) as its main propellant to power its engines. Arkadia Space wants to change an industry that has used for more than 60 years this technology proposing a new kind of propulsion, betting on more sustainable fuels, and hence, betting on a more sustainable space mobility.

Francho Garcia

Francho Garcia

CEO & Co-founder

Akadia Space

Orfeo Balboa

Orfeo Balboa

Coordinador del proyecto ESA-BIC

Comunitat Valenciana- Aeroport Castelló