H2 Hydrogen World Congress

Who attends?

Save the date! 25-27 March, 2025 | Valencia, Spain

H2 Hydrogen World Congress is the largest gathering that brings together influential global energy leaders and government representatives. Its primary aim is to accelerate the growth of hydrogen businesses worldwide, playing a significant role in advancing the energy transition to meet the ambitious climate goals set for 2030 and 2050.

If you are considering participating but uncertain about its relevance to your industry, take a closer look at the prestigious lineup of attendees. This overview will help you gauge how your industry could benefit from participating in this significant event.

All the professionals seeking hydrogen energy partners and services because of its potential to transform the way energy challenges are addressed:

  • Industry Executives and Leaders: CEOs, CTOs, COOs, and other high-level executives from established companies, technology firms, and manufacturing industries exploring hydrogen integration.
  • Government Officials and Policymakers: Representatives from energy ministries, environmental agencies, and governmental bodies shaping policies, regulations, and incentives related to hydrogen adoption and sustainable energy transitions.
  • Investors and Financiers: Venture capitalists, private equity firms, investment banks, and funding entities seeking opportunities to invest in hydrogen-related projects, technologies, and innovations.
  • Researchers and Academia: Scientists, engineers, and academics engaged in hydrogen-related R&D, contributing innovative insights, technological advancements, and scientific expertise.
  • Startups: Innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups pioneering new solutions, products, and services, looking for partnerships in Hydrogen
  • Technology Providers and Suppliers: Representatives from companies requiring hydrogen-related technologies, equipment, infrastructure, and services to support their value chain.
  • Environmental Advocates and NGOs: Individuals and organizations committed to sustainability, advocating for clean energy solutions and fostering awareness about the environmental benefits of hydrogen adoption

From which sectors?

Energy and Utilities: Energy companies and utilities are exploring hydrogen as a form of renewable energy storage and as an alternative to decarbonize energy production.

Transportation: The transportation sector, including passenger vehicles, public transport, freight, and logistics, is seeking hydrogen partners to develop hydrogen refueling infrastructure and fuel cell technologies for hydrogen electric vehicles.

Heavy Industry and Manufacturing: Sectors such as steelmaking, chemical, cement, and manufacturing are interested in using hydrogen as a clean fuel and raw material to reduce carbon emissions in their production processes.

Building and Residential: The construction industry and residential sector are seeking renewable and sustainable energy solutions, including hydrogen-based heating and electricity systems.

Technology and Research: Technology companies, as well as research and development institutions, are looking for hydrogen partners to develop innovative technologies, improve fuel cell efficiency, and explore new uses for hydrogen.

Agriculture and Food: In agriculture, hydrogen is being researched as a clean energy source for agricultural machinery, and in the food industry, it is considered as a sustainable alternative for fertilizer production.

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