Save the date! 25-27 March, 2025 | Valencia, Spain

How global supply chain is changing due to geopolitical situation

Tue 13 Feb | 8:00 - 8:10

This session will address the significant impact of the current geopolitical landscape on global supply chains. Faced with increasing costs due to tariffs, trade barriers, and political complexities, companies are rethinking their supply chain strategies, focusing on agility and adaptability. The shift has profound implications for logistics companies, which are compelled to find cost-effective, efficient, and secure ways to handle shipments. We will explore how the geopolitical climate is reshaping global supply chains and logistics, and the strategies companies can adopt to navigate these changes. Discussion points include the challenges and opportunities presented by the geopolitical environment, the role of technology and innovation in maintaining competitiveness, and the potential for collaborative efforts between businesses and governments to foster a more sustainable and efficient global supply chain. This session aims to provide insights into adapting supply chain and logistics practices in an increasingly complex global context.