Save the date! 25-27 March, 2025 | Valencia, Spain

Is it possible to start an OEM from scratch?

Tue 13 Feb | 15:30 - 15:50

In this session, we’ll explore the exciting idea of starting an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) from the beginning. We’ll look at the challenges and chances in the car and technology industries and what it takes to start an OEM. The talk will focus on important things like understanding the market, using new technology, managing how parts and products are supplied, and following the rules. We’ll also look at stories of successful new OEMs to learn what works. This is great for people who want to start businesses, investors, and anyone interested in the car industry. Join us to learn about starting an OEM in today’s competitive market.

Lukasz Maliczenko

Lukasz Maliczenko

Chief Technology Officer

ElectroMobility Poland