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Mobility as a Feature – Next Step MaaS

Wed 14 Feb | 15:30 - 16:00

The railway mobility strategy: MAAS Door2Door Revolution is a revolutionary concept that will lead to a transformation of the railway system. This concept combines Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Door2Door services to provide a more efficient and sustainable way of travelling. MaaS is a platform that allows users to access multiple transport services, such as public transport, car sharing, bike sharing, and taxi services, in one place. Door2Door services provide users with a door-to-door journey, eliminating the need to transfer between different modes of transport. This concept will enable users to plan their journey more efficiently and reduce their travel time. Furthermore, it will reduce the environmental impact of travelling by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. This concept will also provide a more cost-effective way of travelling, as users will only pay for the services they use. In conclusion, the railway mobility strategy: MAAS Door2Door Revolution will revolutionize the way people travel and will lead to a more sustainable and efficient railway system.

Joan Guasch

Joan Guasch

Director International Development and R+I Policies