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The Great Equalizer: How E-Bikes Create More Safe, Liveable, and Inclusive Places

Wed 14 Feb | 10:20 - 10:40

With electric bike sales exceeding ‘regular’ bikes for five consecutive years, the Dutch have embraced the e-bike more than any country on earth. The evidence from this uptake is clear: e-bikes have the potential to close the gender, age, and ability gaps; empowering more people to cycle further and more frequently, and directly replacing car trips within and between cities. But this tremendous potential won’t be fully realized without a safe space on which to ride them, a safe space in which to store them, and an added incentive to purchase them. With those barriers lifted, the brakes will be well and truly off for the impending e-bike revolution, transforming cities and towns into more safe, liveable, and inclusive places.

Chris Bruntlett

Chris Bruntlett

International Relations Manager

Dutch Cycling Embassy

Mackenzie Banker

Mackenzie Banker

Global Private Sector Lead

BABLE Smart Cities