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Why has a motorcycle achieved the first

Tue 13 Feb | 13:40 - 14:00

Nowadays, a Connected Vehicle is a megacomputer on wheels with enormous processing power, which stores and records a lot of data and numerous communication channels… but which circulates at 120 kilometers per hour and in which people travel. This vehicle, therefore, must be cyber-protected against to the attack of a cracker or a virus, in the same way as is done with a mobile phone, a personal computer or a company server.

That is why in 2020 UNECE published the European cybersecurity regulation for vehicles: UNECE/R155, which requires cars, buses, trucks, vans and motorhomes that are manufactured or sold in Europe to be cybersafe… and, at EUROCYBCAR we have achieved that as of June 2024, motorcycles, scooters and electricbicycles will also be incorporated into the regulation.

Azucena Hernández Palmero

Azucena Hernández Palmero

Founder & CEO


David Valls Manclus

David Valls Manclus

Project Manager

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